Applications will be evaluated on the basis of a three point criterion described under item 6 below. Applications are reviewed and evaluated by members of the Evaluation Committee/s in a three-stage process, as described below.

First Stage - Skills and Competencies for the Job: Practical Test, at the regional level
All the applications will be reviewed by a Technical Evaluation Committee for checking eligibility and then call for a practical test at the pre-determined venue. This test is conducted at the regional level. The applicable region for an applicant would be the region in which his/her hotel is situated. Five best performing applicants from each category from each region will be invited for the second stage of evaluations. The applicants need to achieve the minimum marks to gain eligibility for the second stage evaluation. Minimum marks would be identical for all the regions and for all the award categories. This practical competency assessment will be conducted regionally by a Technical Panel that is appointed by THASL.

Second Stage - Evaluation of the Application Forms (Desk Review)
The Technical Evaluation Committee will evaluate the applicants based on bone-fide information presented in the applications and allocate marks. A maximum of five applications that has reached higher marks than the minimum marks for each award will be submitted to the penal of judges for final review and selection of the award winners. The minimum marks criteria will also be applied in selecting the seven applicants for an award. Minimum marks to qualify will be determined by the Technical Evaluation Committee.

Third Stage - Judges' Final Review and Interviews
The Panel of Judges would make the final selection of the award recipients after a careful review of all evaluation reports from the two evaluations discussed above. The selected applicants would be called for an interview to obtain further clarifications of the information submitted as well as to gather any additional information that they deem necessary. Each applicant is required to make a presentation for about 5 minutes. The panel of judges has the right to accept or reject any new information that falls outside the scope of the pre-determined evaluation criteria. Applicants are advised to bring all documents and other material required for the interview with the Panel of Judges. The interview will take about 15 to 20 minutes.


Five perspectives of every applicant will be evaluated. They are as follows:



Practical skills and competencies  (Regional assessment)


Evaluation of Qualities of the Applicant (Application Form-Part 3 and 4)


Overall Assessment by the Panel of Judges on the applicant’s abilities, application of skills and knowledge, qualities and achievements and prospects 


Overall Score